Digital Colour Multifunction Device


Efficiently powerful performance

Fuji Xerox understands that you need efficient, reliable technology to get more done. And it needs to work effortlessly without wasting resources such as energy and paper. Regardless of your office size, the DocuCentre-IV C2265 multifunction device works for you.


It fits perfectly into small to medium businesses with limited space, and offers all the performance you’re looking for. Seamlessly create and share businesscritical
information, in full office colour, and take your business or workgroup to a higher level of performance — without
hurting the bottom line.

The multifunction device that grows with you
To meet the growing needs of your business, the DocuCentre-IV C2265 is specifically designed for scalability. As your business expands and printing requirements become more sophisticated, you can easily add functionality and productivity enhancing options.


Streamline your processes


Dramatically increase your workflow efficiency
Cutting edge scanning functionality opens the door to better ways of getting work done. Scan to Email quickly distributes documents to multiple email addresses. Store files on the device, or in a personal directory. You can also scan documents to network folders, FTP sites and fax servers right from the device.


Store to Folder feature
Allows you to scan to a folder on the printer’s hard drive to reprint on demand or retrieve via a web browser. Documents stored on the hard drive are displayed as thumbnails and up-close previews on the device’s touchscreen.


Easy archiving, organising and searching
With scan tosearchable PDF1, you can create a fully text-searchable file andintegrate it into your workflow process in one easy step.


Significantly smaller scan files
The latest scan-export compression technologies2 reduce traffic on the network and accelerate document delivery.

  • The optional Searchable PDF kit and Extension System Memory (2GB) are required.
  • The optional High Compression Image Kit and Extension System Memory (2GB) are required.

Walk-up simplicity
Print from and scan to any USB memory device for faster document delivery when you’re not at your computer.


To speed up copying and faxing
An express (simple) copy and fax feature displaying only the basic settings is available. This is provided in addition to the normal features.